Under the direction of Lori DeVries

  • Assist with communion and lighting of candles

Altar Guild

Under the direction Lori DeVires & Cree Abbott

  • Prepares the altar for the church seasons and prepares the communion wine & wafers before service.

Communion Assistant

Under the direction of the church & Cree Abbott

  • Assist the Pastor with the serving of communion


Under the direction of Judy Lee

  • Meet incoming worshipers giving them a welcoming smile and handshake


Under the direction of Mark Fearey

  • Traditional Choir
  • Contemporary Worship Team
  • Special Music

Lay Readers

Under the direction of volunteers

  • Read the scripture lessons each Sunday at 1st service.

Men’s Group

Under the direction of Lew Moyer and Kurt Parks

  • Providing a weekly setting for Bible study and fellowship among the adult men of the congregation

Prayer Chain

This starts with an attendance card from Sunday service, or a phone call directly to the office (480-947-7495), which ever way, it is brought up to God in our prayers.


Under the direction of Lew Moyer

  • Assist worshipers to the pews, handing out the bulletin. Assist with the collection of the offering and in guiding worshipers to the communion rail.

Women’s Ministries

Under the direction of Eleanor Brierley

  • Seasonal outreach at Christmas
  • 5 o’clock angels:providing meals to shut-in families
  • Hospitality: planning with families for refreshments following funeral services
  • Telephone tree: making telephone calls to members who do not have electronic access to special announcements
  • Providing women’s Bible study and organizing special fellowship opportunities during the year.

Youth (ages 13-17)

Under the direction of Pastor Lissy

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